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I wish I didn’t have such strong feelings for you still .

It gets annoying still getting jealous when it comes to you. Like you’re not even mine anymore so why should it matter really what you do; it’s not like I can stop you. I don’t even know if you feel the same way you used to; you’ve never been too clear in your feelings. Of course I wish we were still together but shit happens. I just wish I didn’t care so much when my focus should be on something else . *sigh*

something like that

i suppose

cause i want to…..what if i didn’t have any reasons except i just want to ?


cause i think nobody has a crush on me… would be nice to know who you are though 

a year now…..ummmm if you’re gonna do it you have to be patient b/c it takes a lot of time. but make sure you keep your hair oiled/moisturized so it wont dry out . don’t put heat in it all the time and protective styling ( braids and twists ) will become your best friend . that’s about it……

ummmmmm…….i’m so sorry you lost your chance . 

ello there big sexy ( ;

hello there : )